some day when things are good.

i'm a poor lonesome boy and i'm a long way from home.
yeeeeah, whatever.

Adderall is amazing & all

But Jesus H. Christ never sleeping is some bogus ass bullshit.

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Jealousy (2013) dir. by Philippe Garrel

Love is…

Love is flawed and love has faults.
Love is hard and love is work.
Love is arduous & sometimes unforgiving.
Love is often unfair & love often hurts.
Love is overcoming odds & obstacles.
Love can be neglectful.
Love is never giving up.
Love knows that no one is perfect, & love grants forgiveness for short comings.
Love is being sad, lonely, & miserable when you’re a million miles away
Love is sticking it out when things get so hard you could die, love does not abandon.
Love is not always happy.
Love is finding a way, despite all the tears.
Love is the pain you feel when your loved is not around.
Love is always growing and always needs proper nurture & grooming & care.
Love sometimes grows out of control and needs to be pruned & trimmed to its proper shape.
Love isn’t easy.
Love does not always feel right and is not always gratifying.
Love sometimes takes time, but
Love is always worth it.


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Heaven is a place on earth.

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because you’re my kryptonite

GDP - Placeholder 

And all those words are just letters and all those letters are just words & I idealised her loyalty but she’s so insecure dripping fast & far cause feelings are so fleeting in ice cold beds doing anything but sleeping in dim hallways doing anything but leaving in locked cell phones hiding texts that are deceiving you swear to god you think you found somebody you swear to god you think you trust someone

I’m holding in for dear life & she’s trying to grow and there’s nothing you can tell me I don’t already know. You swear to god you think you love somebody, you swear to god you think you found someone

Placeholder; not the right one, the right now.

Every Time I Die - Hot Damn! 

Revisited this gem tonight for the first time in so many years. Total classic. I know lots of people gave up on them when this came out, but it’s arguably their best record & is worth another listen if it’s been a while for you, too.

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