some day when things are good.

i'm a poor lonesome boy and i'm a long way from home.
yeeeeah, whatever.

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“Crucifixes are sexy because there is a naked man on them.” - Madonna



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Adderall is amazing & all

But Jesus H. Christ never sleeping is some bogus ass bullshit.

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Jealousy (2013) dir. by Philippe Garrel

Love is…

Love is flawed and love has faults.
Love is hard and love is work.
Love is arduous & sometimes unforgiving.
Love is often unfair & love often hurts.
Love is overcoming odds & obstacles.
Love can be neglectful.
Love is never giving up.
Love knows that no one is perfect, & love grants forgiveness for short comings.
Love is being sad, lonely, & miserable when you’re a million miles away
Love is sticking it out when things get so hard you could die, love does not abandon.
Love is not always happy.
Love is finding a way, despite all the tears.
Love is the pain you feel when your loved is not around.
Love is always growing and always needs proper nurture & grooming & care.
Love sometimes grows out of control and needs to be pruned & trimmed to its proper shape.
Love isn’t easy.
Love does not always feel right and is not always gratifying.
Love sometimes takes time, but
Love is always worth it.


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