some day when things are good.

i'm a poor lonesome boy and i'm a long way from home.
yeeeeah, whatever.

"Ummo or Ummoism [1] describes a series of decades-long claims that aliens from the planet Ummo were communicating with persons on the earth. Most Ummo information was in the form of many detailed documents and letters sent to various esoteric groups or UFO enthusiasts. The Ummo affair was subject to much mainstream attention in France and Spain during the 1960s through the 1970s, and a degree of interest remains regarding the subject. General consensus is that the Ummoism was an elaborate hoax. The culprit (or culprits) is unknown, but a José Luis Jordán Peña has claimed responsibility for instigating Ummoism.[2] However, there are still a few small groups of devotees, such as “a strange Bolivian cult called the Daughters of Ummo”.[3]


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